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GH peptides
12-21-2017, 10:20 AM
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GH peptides
Hey Scott,
What are your thoughts on GH peptides? Any you'd deem to be beneficial in terms of muscle growth? I know they don't compare to pharm grade GH, but was wondering if you thought any of them would be beneficial for muscle growth. I personally like things like CJC DAC just for it's ability to improve my sleep quality.
Thanks again Scott!
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12-22-2017, 12:55 AM
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RE: GH peptides
Hey Bud!

I moved your thread to this forum to help frame the answer here.

I'm going to just get all technical and shit here b/c it's easier to encapsulate a LOT of info and directs the discussion in a way I'd like to see here on the board.

Firstly, I'd refer you to just about anything you can find written on this topic by someone who went but DatBTrue. He once had a forum, that is now closed, but there is a great deal of his information still floating around, I believe.

The right combo of "saturation" doses (larger doses don't elicit a substantially greater GH release) of a GHRH analog (e.g., modGRF(1-29)) and ghrelin mimetic (e.g., ipamorelin) used when following a low carb diet (carbs, but not insulin inhibit GH release) can increase AUC of pulsatile GH release. For older folks guys (mainly men here, as women's release is less pulsatile than than of men), using GH secretagogues in this way can also entrain a persistent GH pulsatility that may have been lose d/t aging.

The increase in GH release has been compared to the elevation of blood GH (22kDa) via exogenous GH on the order of (I seen different estimates) a few IU of GH. This is a tough thing to compare for many reasons, including the pattern of elevation (pulsatile vs. prolonged), the form of GH (20 and 22kDa plus fragments, etc. vs. just 22kDA) and that one much constrain diet to get the GH release from the peptides, and that all of this is somewhat dependent upon genetics of one's endogenous GH release partners, responsiveness to these drugs, GH receptor / GH peptide genes, etc, etc, etc.

Anecdotally, for guys who are otherwise not using much in the way of AAS, the effect of the GH peptides is noticeable in the ways you'd expect. For those who are fully gassed up, they don't do much at all.

There are health related issues with exogenous GH that using peptides may (hypothetically) remedy, but I'll leave that alone for now. (And yes, sleep quality is a very important one generally!)



Thanks for joining my Forum! dog

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