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07-15-2017, 03:37 PM
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Hey Dr. Scott and Forum Members,

I am making this thread to lay out my diet and training during this cut, and in hopes of asking for advice would should be my next step to be more sure of it. I highly appreciate anybody who comments to help or gives any insights.

I am on FT Tier 2 basic version, on a deload this week and starting the Tier 3 on the next phase to try it out. I am doing 1200-1300 cals worth of cardio a week, typically on non training days. Reason why I dont do them after training is, well, Some of you should have that death face and be a bit brain dead after doing FT lol.

I alternate a lot of my exercises between unilateral movements as it decreases the risk of imbalances, i do have certain sides of my body which are a bit harder to contract so unilaterals are my go to's for most.

My diet consists of carb cycling, but i've sort of took a new approach to it which i am trying for my body. It goes like this: High carbs, low fat and high protein on training days, but on non is super low carbs but really high fat and protein on the non training days, i dont count my macros but i more or less know approx how much it is. I shall lay it down here

Training days:
130gm soba c:30, 150gm chicken breast along with veggies and mushrooms
train (36 gm of carbs on day 1/2, 18g of carbs on day 3/4)
bagel with another 150 gm of chicken breast
cup and a half of rice to 2 (cups you get when people serve you rice) with 2 salmons (200gm)
bagel with chicken 150gm again
(all these meals typically have asparagus and broccoli in them)

Non Training days:
130gm soba with 150gm chicken breast
salmon with 150gm chicken breast with avocado
salmon with chicken breast150gm with avocado again
high protein low fat yoghurt p:17 fat: 0 carbs: 7 with Protein PB from International Protein p:11 f:15 c:3 with a tad bit of coco nibs and psyllium husk(fiber)

my plan now is just to increase cardio, doing cardio more frequently rather than getting 1200 cals in 2 sessions. So maybe get to 1500-1600 but break it down to 5 days. I also have an active job where im standing and walking the whole day.

I found that the fats give me a really nice flow of energy and also longer lasting rather than carbs, its a different feeling which i really like.

Once i surpass the 1500-1600 cals and plateau, i plan on just increasing more cardio again. I do not think i can drop anymore food because this is sort of borderline for me lol, I do admit i jumped the boat too quick with dropping quite an amount of food comparing to my bulk.

I do want to get into counting the macros to the T but i havent got into it yet.

I hope i didnt miss out anything for Dr. Scott and anybody else who is willing to help.

Thanks in advance to everybody and i hope this thread can be helpful to other people looking for advice too!! Rock on everybody!!
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07-28-2017, 10:02 AM
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RE: Updates
Hey Bud!

Sorry I missed this. I think you're not getting responses b/c you've not asked a question, set out your starting point and goals of this "cut" or explained the reason for your strategy.




Thanks for joining my Forum! dog

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