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David Henry
10-19-2017, 08:54 AM
Post: #31
RE: David Henry
(10-13-2017 09:11 AM)nick xynias Wrote:
ahh yes completely understand - you don't want to be like one of those coaches at golds who blatantly shows off every new client.

LOL - No, of course not. I'm pretty bad at self-marketing, though.

Quote:how many top guys have come to you previously training a 'bro' split and once you put them on 4 days a week they're shocked at the amount of muscle they can build??

Well, most of the folks I've trained have been pretty happy with progress.

Here's the thing about the "top guys," though - they got there in many cases doing the Bro Split, so to speak, so they don't see much of a reason to vary in many cases. The ones who might look into and get intrigued with training methodology would end up finding me when they have a strong sense already that a higher frequency regime would work, so they're not shocked, really. Smile

In other words, top guys who are in a place to be shocked often are looking for something / thinking that will shock them b/c they are already top guys! Smile

Quote:I think there is a lot more pros who train with FT only 4 days a week than what the media portrays - I definitely think the media and magazines have the whole thing wrong - they publicise 7 days training with 1 muscle group a day blah blah, and kind of 'shun' rest days, when really you've found the gold mine Scott - 4 days a week v hard, 3 days rest and that's truly how you grow!

Hmmm... That, I don't know about. I do pay close attention to the book purchases, looking at names I might recognize, but aside from Dave, there aren't any Olympia levels guys doing FT.

But you're right in that what' sin the mags is very often entirely fabricated as far as training. They just put whatever in there.

Quote:I did do a higher frequency program from John - I must say it was v similar to fortitude training in terms of balancing volume/frequency but what I love about FT is smashing the WHOLE body at a higher frequency rather than just 1 body part in a 6 week block.

Any cool new additions to FT that your working on???

Yes, that is a twist that isn't in the formal FT program, but is one I put in the No Show, No Go! Daily trainer, which puts a premium on Chest, shoulders and Calves (e.g., for a men's physique competitor)

I do have some things I've put together, but the next edition of FT is on the back burner for now d/t another project. (I'm not saying what it is, but you'll like it, I think.)



Thanks for joining my Forum! dog

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